Engineering Division

PNG Scoccimarro a strategic partner in future challenges

PNG Scoccimarro a strategic partner in future challenges

This division was created, in order to develop and complete our technical division with the aim to provide  innovative solutions to our customers of the marine, offshore, gas and oil industry. Online search capabilities and expert technical support are essencial to reach this new frontier.

Our competent and experienced staff is often confronted with technical problems to be solved, which require a multidiscipline approach and most of all new tools and technologies.
Innovation is the key world for safe and environmental friendly supplies.
In this sector we’ve become more “technical supply specialists” in offering tailor-made services involving, manufacture, workshops and specific knowhow of several industrial branches.
Combining forces, and keeping close tyes with our suppliers has been helping us to identify our client’s critical issues and find a way to support him.

It’s quite difficult to make a list of the required items, we can however mention some of them:
  • Spare parts, that have to be provided promptly
  • Automation and instrumentation devices
  • Motors, pumps, batteries
Our firm in specialized in tracing and providing technical components and marine spare parts for all vessels built in italian shipyards, such as Fincantieri, Mariotti, Visentini and so on.
We have a complete database of ships built in Italy.
You can rely on us for procurement support, cost- effective solutions, flexible and on time deliveries


PNG SCOCCIMARRO strategic location on the Tirrenian sea close to Genoa airport, and 12.000 square meters of depot space in Genoa and Marseille ( our Mother firm Cofrapex in Marseille) allow us to store and handle a wide range of products, general stores, tools, consumables.
Refrigeration facilities and own trucks make our service flexible and prompt.
Our logistics arranges stores and provisions supplies to all majour ports in Italy, France and Slovenia.
PNG SCOCCIMARRO offers spare parts and owner’s material handling services destined to ships and platforms.
Customs formalities are provided too, and worldwide deliveries are performed.

We offer personalised attention to each and every service, in order to meet our customers’ expectations in terms of quality service and  costs. We play an important supporting role in helping your operations  be smooth and efficient.

Head Office: Via De Marini, 60

16149 Gennoa Italy

R.E.A.: GE 453076

Cod.Fisc./P.IVA/VAT: 02017770997


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Logistics: +39 010 2358755


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