In order to spare your time and energies you can find your provisions at PNG SCOCCIMARRO too.

Life on board can be pleasant or even hard, it depends if your're a passenger or a worker.
We wish to make your guest's trip more enjoyable and your crew happier, and there's nothing better than a bit of Italian taste! But whatever your diet or eating habits are, we will satisfy your appetite.
"Most of all we are deeply convinced that all which is made in Italy is the best"!
Italy is the birth place if excellence, being it in food or technology; PNG SCOCCIMARRO is there to rendere its best and complete service in Italy and worldwide.

A large part of our well equipped warehouse is dedicated to dry and refrigerated food products.
PNG SCOCCIMARRO offers complete provisions and bonded supplies to all Italian and French ports, by own refrigerated trucks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our company is fully committed to quality, therefore, we have established alliances with essencial suppliers in Italy and Europe as well, in order to source and supply locally at competitive rates and guarantee our customers an excellent control of the supply chain.

Our services are rendered to:
  • Merchant vessels
  • Ferries
  • Offshore Industry
  • Work camps
  • Ship Yards - Platforms

Furthermore, consolidated transports can be arranged to supply at all European ports and reefer containers can reach any destinations in the world.
Cost-effective solutions  are found together with our logistics, in order to fulfil the needs of our customers.
Last but not  least our dedicated boarding team can assist your vessels in every aspect.

With Png Scoccimarro your crew can feel at home and may enjoy Italian excellent food and service


Strategic location

PNG SCOCCIMARRO strategic location on the Tirrenian sea close to Genoa airport, and 12.000 square meters of depot space in Genoa and Marseille ( our Mother firm Cofrapex in Marseille) allow us to store and handle a wide range of products, general stores, tools, consumables.
Refrigeration facilities and own trucks make our service flexible and prompt.
Our logistics arranges stores and provisions supplies to all majour ports in Italy, France and Slovenia.

Personalised attention

PNG SCOCCIMARRO offers spare parts and owner’s material handling services destined to ships and platforms.
Customs formalities are provided too, and worldwide deliveries are performed.
We offer personalised attention to each and every service, in order to meet our customers’ expectations in terms of quality service and  costs. We play an important supporting role in helping your operations  be smooth and efficient.

Head Office: Via De Marini, 60

16149 Gennoa Italy

R.E.A.: GE 453076

Cod.Fisc./P.IVA/VAT: 02017770997


Technical Division: +39 010 2476305
Food Division: +39 010 235871
Logistics: +39 010 2358755


Technical Division:
Food Division:

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